Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Palestinian fighter killed as IDF tanks enter Gaza

Israeli security forces have killed a Palestinian fighter from the Islamic Jihad armed group and wounded three others during clashes in the Gaza Strip.

An Islamic Jihad spokesman said Israeli tanks fired shells and a helicopter launched a missile at its men in al-Bureij refugee camp on Tuesday after crossing into the Palestinian territory.

The Israeli military confirmed an incident occured and told Al Jazeera that the men were suspected of planting explosives near the Gaza-Israel border fence.

However, when asked if Israeli forces had crossed the border into Gaza, a military spokesperson responded with "no comment".

Incidents of violence on the Gaza-Israeli border have been sporadic since January 2009, when Israel ended a three-week warthat left around 1,400 Palestinians dead.

Hamas- the Palestinian faction that administers the coastal enclave - has largely stuck to a de facto ceasefire with Israel since then, but smaller groups like Islamic Jihad have not, occasionally firing rockets and mortars over the border.

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