Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Israel celebrates its 62 Independence Day while Palestinians are still under Occupation

The Israeli people began to celebrate their sixty two Independence Day stating that East Jerusalem is a part of the united capital of Israel and that Israel must Israel celebrates its 62 Independence Day while Palestinians are still under Occupation 173 320x240 pal refugees only depend on itself in facing the dangers which it faces. The two statements were made by Prime Minister Netanyahu in an interview he made with the BBC and the yearly speech which is made for the memory of the Israelis who fall in the wars Israel goes through.

While the Israelis are celebrating their independence, the Palestinians are still suffering from occupation. More than 9750 Palestinians are in Israeli prisons and 4.62 million Palestinians are refugees. 2,407,681 Palestinians in the West Bank and 209,000 in East Jerusalem are living under occupation and Israeli army control on checkpoints. The Palestinians do not enjoy any kind of independence and are not allowed to take full control of their security and right of travelling. The Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem do not hold any kind of nationality and are considered permanent residents by Israel. The Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza are issued identification cards only after an Israeli approval and examination. The Palestinian security forces cannot do its work without an Israeli approval. In other words Israel still controls everything in the occupied territories until today.

Although Israel celebrates what they consider their independence day and the success of establishing a state for the Jewish people, the Palestinians continue to pay the price until today. Many lost their lands and others do not have a place to live in. Almost half of the Palestinian people live under poverty while the Palestinian refugees are suffering in bad circumstances around the world.

The International community and Israel must remember that in this day the Palestinians turned to be a people who is living under occupation, suffer from apartheid, and is left without a state which can defend its rights. In this day the Palestinians were obliged to leave their houses and lands in order to bring another people to take their place. In this day the Palestinians began a journey of injustice that continues until today.

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