Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ahmad Sabbah, first deported Palestinian prisoner to Gaza as "infiltrator"

Israel deported a prisoner from Tulkarem to the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, in a move that followed the approval of the new military order No. 1,650 to expel Palestinians living in the West Bank.

Ahmad Sabbah's family was waiting at the Al-Thahriyah crossing to receive their son after 10 years behind bars, but were surprised when Israeli authorities delivered the news that he had already been deported to Gaza.

Sabbah said the "discriminatory and harsh" decision was intended to further punish detainees and their parents. "There is a real war against detainees," the former prisoner said.

Deported to Gaza on Wednesday after his release from Israeli prison, Tulkarem native Ahmad Sabbah announced a sit-in strike at the Strip's northern Erez crossing in protest.

"I consider myself the first detainee deported to Gaza, and I will stay in this sit-in tent at the Erez terminal until I am allowed to return to my wife and family in Tulkarem," Sabbah said Thursday.

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