Thursday, April 15, 2010


This looks very serious, Israel is up to NO good!! We will see how this shakes out, but I see trouble coming....

Unusual terror warning issued Tuesday meant to urge Israelis to locate their relatives in Sinai, Head of Counter-Terrorism Bureau says; for time being, no confirmation of abduction despite rumors, but new intelligence shows terror cell ready for action

I've just read this so called "frantic terror alert" issued by the Zionists in full HERE. Claiming that "all" Israelis in the Sinai must return to Israel immediately due to the "threat "of being kidnapped. I don’t buy this for one minute, not one second, not one nano second!


This is Israel planning another attack on Gaza, that is my fear. Using a fake threat on a fake person or people. I find it odd that Israel claims to have all this intel:

"New and up-to-date intelligence information accumulated, and it points to a terror cell completing its preparations, marking a target, receiving the green light, and carrying out the act – or en route to carrying it out," he said. "It's hard to know whether the cell is en route to the area, or whether it already carried out the operation."

And yet they have no clue “if” it’s happened or not, nor whom the so called “target” is. This is a load of bollox. The entire thing reeks of propaganda Zionist bullshit. I believe this is Israel attempting to scare the shite out of their citizens on holiday in Egypt so they all come home to prison Israel immediately, Why? So that they can then all be safe inside prison Israel before Israel launches its next genocide on Gaza.

And don’t even get me started on them already (yawn) blaming Hamas for this supposed kidnapping (in Egypt no less!) that no one can confirm yet……..and if it IS confirmed by “Israel” would anyone in their right mind believe it after what they just did in Dubai????? Seriously!! Israel the “truth tellers” mi arse! Known liars extraordinaire, yet we are to believe them? Even if they claim someone is “missing” it would most likely be some fake non –existent person with a fake Israeli passport and fake Israeli identity. The curse of Dubai.

And what of the utter fabrication that Hamas is going to actually carry some Israeli on vacation in Egypt through a tunnel into Gaza. I’d sooner believe in the tooth fairy!

Nuriel added that Israel believes that whatever organization is behind the latest abduction warning, it is being operated by Hamas, adding that an abducted Israeli may end up being transferred to Gaza via Rafah's tunnels

Anyone remember that Egyptian wall that is all but complete? Or not to mention the near impossible task of getting yourself, not to mention yourself with a hostage, all the way from that Egyptian resort to somewhere near Rafah where all those tunnels are. Just you go yourself and try to get to Gaza, the Egyptian security is every ten feet on all roads leading to Rafah area. So, that leaves walking through ALL that desert, with….. a hostage………. easily seen by any chopper or surveillance aircraft from above.

People need to be realistic here, who has something to gain from this? Hamas who is trying to keep things calm, Hamas who has no weapons except homemade rockets, and not very many of them? Or Israel who has the 4th largest army in the world who has been looking for any excuse to finish the job it started in Gaza of taking out Hamas so Gaza can be handed over to Abbas and Fatah so Israel can get a sweet deal and land grab before the two state solution is rammed down their throats by the US. This is like Bush #1 who failed to take out Saddam, then came Bush #2 (a fitting analogy) to finish Daddy’s plan by hook or crook, or using fake information on WMD’s. OR Like fake information on a fake kidnapping of a fake non-existant Israeli in Sinai.

I’m telling you Israel is up to something here, the world must not fall for this nonsense. Remember Goldstone, the war crimes, the ethnic cleaning of Jerusalem, the recent announcement of Israel passing laws to expel thousands of Palestinians from the West Bank. Who’s the aggressor here, who is the attacker, who has the most to gain from another war? Only one answer to that question, ISRAEL.

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