Sunday, April 18, 2010

All the way..... from Ukrainia to Jerusalem

he should have stayed Ukraine
the city of Peace
the most Holy place for all religions
where all the prophets once have passed.

Whether you are religious or not
this city has a mythical value
and spiritual attraction.

Nothing is new , in what I write now.

But ,
lately we hear and see about a huge corruption scandal
involving Ehud Olmert when he was the Mayor there.

And I ask myself ,
why would that Ukrainian-crook
pretend to be Semite, pretend to be from Abraham's house
and then move to steal Palestine... including Jerusalem
and then become the Mayor in that city
only so that he can ,some day, collect the bribes
from a US-Jew-Millionaire..........??

The answer is obvious :
because Olmert is a crook and a Zionist
( although one of those 2, is a sufficient crime )

If Olmert would have stayed in Ukraine
he could have also become a Mayor
and also could have collected bribes.
I am sure many millionaires , jews ,christians or muslems,
would have bought Mr. Olmert , in Ukraine , as well.

becoming a Zionist and then stealing Palestine
would have being absolutely not necessary for Olmert
nor for a million-crooks like him, too.

Sherlock Hommos
17 April 2010

NB :
Arabs can also be the bribed or be the bribers
but ,so far , they do it at home ,
and not in any stolen place.

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