Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Canadian postal workers protest against “common values” stamp with the Zionist entity AND YOU CAN TOO!

Canadian Postal workers are protesting against the “common values stamp” that celebrates the relationship of Canada with the Zionist entity, in a letter addressed to the chairman of the board of Canada Post, Moya Green. It expressed its disapproval of the issuing of a postal stamp to commemorate the, “strong relation between Canada and Israel on the bases of common values between the two parties,” reminding everybody of the crimes that have been committed and those still being committed by the Jewish state against Palestinian Arabs. (This article by Elias Ahkleh should be read – editor's note).

The chairman of the union, Danes Liming wrote, in a letter addressed to Green and dated April 9th 2010: “The decision concerning a stamp that Canada shall issue that shall celebrate ‘the strong bilateral relations between Canada and Israel that goes back to six decades of common values and political, economical, cultural and social interests.’ We are worried because the board shall issue this stamp with ‘Israel’ on the bases of our common values, while there are in “Israel” more than 20 racist laws against the Palestinian minority citizens regarding matters of education, work, confiscation of land and accessing public resources”. He added that the Jewish state is still refusing to put into effect the rule of the International Court of Justice concerning the dismantling of the apartheid separation wall surrounding the Occupied Palestinian West Bank, and still proceeding with building Jewish colonies in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

He explained that: “Israel is still refusing to effectuate Resolution 242 calling for its withdrawal from the territories it occupied in 1967.” Pointing out that there are reports about the increasing number of infant deaths and miscarriages resulting from the strangling siege over Gaza, he stressed as well that the Jewish state is “carrying out works that result in deaths of infants and pregnant women, which cannot be considered as acceptable values.” He ended: “With such occurrences, The Union of Postal Laborers of Canada is worried because Canada Post is celebrating ‘The strong common values and political, economical, cultural and social interests’ with a state whose government has continuously failed to do works that are characterized with civility and human feelings towards Palestinians.”

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