Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gaza protesters raise flags on no-go zone

Gaza residents marched toward Israel's no-gozone on Tuesday, in protest of the confiscation of 20% of the Strip's farming lands inside the buffer.

Marchers proceeded from Al-Atatra, a Beit Lahiya neighborhood in the northern Gaza Strip, toward the border area to plant flags on Palestinian lands.

Popular Resistance Campaign coordinator Mahmoud Az-Ziq said hundreds of local men and international solidarity activists marched toward the no-go zone, raising Palestinian flags at the barbed-wire fence sectioning off the area. Dozens of Israeli soldiers, he said, fired warning shots in "all directions."

"These rallies show how adamant we are to regain access to agricultural lands along the border area. Non-violent rallies will continue, no matter what danger we will face," Az-Ziq added.

Beit Hanoun Popular Initiative coordinator Sabir Za'nin said Israeli soldiers in black uniforms "surprised" protesters at the rally by opening fire, in spite of the presence of international activists.

An Israeli military spokesman confirmed that warning shots were fired in the air, approximately 250 meters from the barbed-wire fencing, where Palestinian movement is restricted.

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