Thursday, December 3, 2009

Nazi... Israel

Mainstream Tv stations in the civilized, egalitarian, reasonable, and rational so-called first world reported on the terrorist Palestinian being cold-bloodedly driven over by an Israeli Jewish settler in Hebron. The reports did not mention the intensified forced removals the West Bank, and particularly Eastern Jerusalem, has been subject to such as the viscious removals of Palestinians from their homes in Jilo during the past month, and they clearly did not give the report a context in which this happened. The reports certainly do not mention the Apartheid wall, the history of killings, the occupation, the history of settler racism and blind hatred towards Palestinians. Simply out of the blue... a Palestinian decided to jump and stab an Israeli woman and man. Palestinians must have an intrinsic blood thirsty attitude. I mean, that's what I got from the first report below. And notice that Fox news in the first video gives the supremicist settler an incentive to drive over. So, I have 61 years worth of incentives for the Palestinians- want to compare?

Compare the first report to the second:
First video by Fox News

second video by Al Jazeera International

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