Sunday, March 21, 2010

Arab Students Demonstrate at the Hebrew University

In the last couple of days the Hebrew University campus in Jerusalem witnessed several demonstrations made by the Arab students movements. The Arab movements Aljabha, tajamo, Abnaa albalad, Watan, Ikra and Alreslaeh called the students to participate in a demonstration which was made last Tuesday to demonstrate against Israel’s policy in East Jerusalem.

More than one hundred fifty students participated in the demonstration while holding posters and shouting slogans asking from the Israeli government to end occupation in East Jerusalem and putting an end to the settlements building in the city.
A few Israeli rightist students started to attack the demonstration while cursing and threatening those who participated in it. The University security and Israeli policemen protected the Israeli students and arrested some of the Arab students. Six students were arrested and three were injured.

The Arab student movements sent an objection letter to the Dean of the university accusing the University security of taking part in the attack against the Arab students instead of protecting them from the rightist Israeli students. The Arab movements also accused the university of taking part in the attack, which was made; the entrance to the university was closed while the students were trying to go back into the campus.
The Dean office replied that the university would respond to the letter soon and stated that the right of freedom of expression is something that the university respects. On Wednesday the incidents developed since the Arab students declared a strike for two hours between twelve and two o’clock. The Dean office and the security men called the Arab movement’s representatives and ordered them to end the strike and ask from the students to leave the University forum. The Arab movements asked for a response from the dean office regarding the objection letter but the latter refused to give any immediate response. The Arab movements refused to end the strike and the Dean office threatened to punish those who are in charge of the sit in the forum of the university. The Dean office also threatened to freeze the Arab movements work in the campus.

The Arab movements threatened to expand the demonstrations and accused the university of preventing the Arab students from expressing their opinions and national identity.

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