Tuesday, March 30, 2010

5 injured while Gaza marks Land day

Israeli occupation forces opened fire today at the Gazans who marked the Palestinian Land Day as they organized many demonstrations in all the Gaza Strip cities.

The Israeli solders opened fire toward the peaceful demonstrations and injured five protesters. Two were injured in east of Al-Burij camp and other three in Khan Youins, in middle of Gaza Strip. The injuries were participating in popular demonstrations organized by the Popular Committee to Resist the Security Fence in marking the Palestinian Land Day.

The injured protesters were delivered to Diar Al-Blah Hospital to receive treatment. The three inured protestors in Khan Youins are from Al-Najar family. One of them is in critical condition, medical sources said.

March 30 is the anniversary of the day back in 1976 when the Israelis seized Al-Jalil, sparking an all-out exhibition. Israeli forces in Sekhnin, Kfar Kana, Al-Teiba, Dir Hanna, Al-Taira, and Arraba used inconsistent force against stone-hurling protestors. Six Palestinians were martyred and many others injured.

Since that day Palestinians mark this day annually to stress their right to freedom and their determination to continue resistance against the Israeli occupation.

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