Monday, November 29, 2010

Peace talks? Hope or is it the End?

Ziad Khalil Abu Zayyad
The peace process seems to be reaching its last moments between the Israelis and the
Palestinians.All the attempts, which were made to make a kind of an improvement between the two sides, brought no outcome at all. The American administration that was sure a couple of years ago that peace can be achieved in a short period realized that the situation is more difficult in reality.

The Israeli current government continues to gain time by turning the situation from a negotiations process in order to reach a solution into talks about whether to freeze the unlawful settlements building in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. On the ground, the Israeli government continues to work and plan for Jerusalem as the united capital of Israel; Tomorrow the Israeli Ministerial Committee will discuss setting a new law that considers Jerusalem the capital of the Jewish people rather considering it only the capital of Israel.

The media also talked about other plans that are being discussed and will take place at the West Bank. Maariv Israeli newspaper talked about a plan that the transportation ministry is preparing to start a new railway that connects the Ariel settlement with the center of Israel. One Million dollars were given to the project so the plans can be started to prepare for the new railway. Not only this project is being prepared for but other plans are made to turn Jerusalem into a Jewish city. The Israeli Knesset also enacted a new law that prevents any Israeli government from withdrawing from any of the occupied territories in the Golan Syrian heights or East Jerusalem without holding referendum that leaves the matter to the Israeli people to decide about it. The new law is an obstacle or could become a claim used by any Israeli leadership to evade discussing a withdrawal from these areas.

Eventhough Israel continues its plans while ignoring all the International effects to rescue the peace process before it becomes a real unrealistic way to reach an understanding between both sides, the American administration tried to give many guarantees for Israel only to convince the Israeli leadership to agree on a one time only 90 day extension of the settlements freeze in the West Bank while not considering East Jerusalem at all. The American guarantees vary from economical and military aids to political support to mind any Palestinian attempt to gain recognition of a Palestinian state through the United Nations.

In Ramalla the Palestinian leadership is hearing a lot of voices from those who have been negotiating with Israel since many years that direct negotiations and the current model of peace talks will bring nothing to the Palestinian people. The Palestinian people who agreed on recognizing Israel as a neighbor state Eventhough it was made on the lands of thousand of Palestinians who turned into refugees and were kicked out of their houses from the 1948 occupied lands moved to live either in the exile or in the West Bank. Today, these Palestinians are suffering even in their exile whether in the West Bank because of the increasing Israeli settlements or in the Arab countries because of the hard and strict conditions that they live.

The solution of two states for the Israelis and the Palestinians is becoming an illusion because of the Israeli settling of the lands and the refusal of putting an end to the organized transfer of the Israeli population into the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Currently it is almost impossible to build any Palestinian state that could be vital and connects all the Palestinian cities with each other. A few years ahead the solution of two states will become definitely impossible and here comes the new challenge which not only Israel but also the whole world will have to face.

The Israeli Likud party knows what it is doing and wants to reach this point when the two states solution will become an illusion and the Zionist dream of controlling the whole historical land of Palestinian will be completely achieved. The solution which be offered for the Palestinians is simply to continue as today; take care of the civilian services of the Palestinians only to give Israel a rest from this matter and become a body that is similar to an autonomy. If you ask what would be the solution for the security needs and economy of Israel, the word deterrence will be the answer for security and the building of the separation wall in the West Bank, the siege on Gaza and the new security fence with Egypt will be the perfect answer for Economy and communication with the Middle East. There is no real Israeli interest currently to make any kind of relations with any of the Middle East actors and it would prefer to become a closed area that is separated from all the others in the region while relying on the Western aid and support for the existence of the Israeli states.

The one real thing that the current planning Israeli leadership forgot about is that change always happens and neither walls nor settlements can stay forever. It is only time and a real living that the Israeli leadership is wasting instead of gaining for its people. Berlin wall fall down in one day while many were sure that such a thing would not happen. The whole apartheid system was destroyed in South of Africa when many also believed that this could only happen in imagination. The real damage that caused nowadays is for the understanding of the word peace and common ground solutions in which many are losing faith in it. Eventhough it is hard to optimistic one can be sure that change will come.

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