Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Zionist Israel Killed and Wonded More Than 50 Humanitarian Activist

On Sunday morning an armada of Zionist Naval vessels and F16 warplanes attacked the international fleet of aid-ships onwards moving to Gaza.The depraved terror state of Israel used live ammunition killing and wounding a large number of activists on board the ships.

As if deployed in a war combat the Zionist Israel attacked the unarmed humanitarian small fleet of ships using huge force and stormed at least one ship loaded with Turkish pro-Palestinian activists, on its humanitarian mission to Gaza.

Footage from international press expose Zionist commandos descending from helicopters attacking the activists, meanwhile deadly wounded people are lying on the deck of the ship.At this press release, an unknown number of people are reported to be dead and wounded.

During a breath press conference in response to the Zionist terror attack on the humanitarian aid ship, loaded with wheelchairs, medical equipment and schoolbooks to Gaza, Ismail Radwan a member of Hamas stated that; "This is state-sponsored organized terror. We are calling on the international community to act urgently."

"These are crimes against humanity and against our Palestinian people. We call on all members the Arab and Muslim people to launch protests of outrage in solidarity."

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