Sunday, December 5, 2010


hotos © by Bud Korotzer

Art student Emily Henochowicz who lost an eye during a protest against the IDF’s raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla in late May continues her activities to free Palestine…

The event went off flawlessly. There were about 10 skaters on the ice (some looking like they were risking their lives out there, some really good) who at a given signal pulled on their Palestinian flag ‘capes’ while skating around the rink with the colorful flags flapping in the bright sunlight. At that point about 30-40 supporters standing among the tourists took out various size flags and started chanting, with the skaters, “FREE, FREE PALESTINE. Leaflets were handed out explaining why the skaters were there. After a few minutes Rockefeller Center security politely asked the skaters to leave. Everyone regrouped on crowded 5th Avenue and held a short rally. The event was sponsored by Existence is Resistance and they are considering repeating it in other major New York ice skating rinks.

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