Friday, October 15, 2010

Yousef Abudayyeh – Zionists' Last Chance

There is not one country in the world that does not recognize that the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, the Golan Heights and a couple of villages in Southern Lebanon are occupied Arab land, taken by force by the Zionist invaders of Palestine in 1967. Since June 5, 1967 there have been countless UN Security Council and General Assembly resolutions demanding “Israel” to end its occupation and return the land to its rightful Arab owners.

Even the United States of America, the main political and financial supporter of "Israel",demanded that occupation ends.

So why is it that after more than forty-two years the occupation still exists there? Why is there even any need to enter into countless fruitless rounds of negotiations, if the end result should of them is to be the return of these occupied lands and there is no real intention of doing it? Why does the world tolerate the internationally condemned continued facts on the ground that “Israel” never stopped doing? Why would a technically rogue and very small “country” called “Israel” with only 6 million people, collected from all over the world keep on doing what it’s doing with no regard to International Law, UN demands and requests from friendly quarters?

To understand why this is taking place, one should consider the following factors and facts:

- The Zionist ideology that brought “Israel” into existence says it very clearly that this newly founded state that will be established in Palestine, which according to the Zionist leaders had no inhabitants, would become the homeland for the people – “Jews” who have no land. And to accomplish this, we all heard about the horrific massacres that took place against the Palestinian people in the 30s, 40s and 50s of the last century, carried out by Zionists who came into Palestine from Europe with the help of Britain and other powers – using the excuse of the Holocaust to justify it, as if Arabs had anything to do with it . They were armed, and were allowed to ethnically uproot the Arabs from their homes, villages and towns.

- Most people in the world are loyal to the country they were born and live in, but the loyalty of the Jewish communities worldwide is usually not to the country they were born and live in, but rather it’s for “Israel”. The reason for this is the tremendous pressure the Zionist leaders apply on these communities. Many are forced to go and serve in “Israel” and even join the “Israeli” armed forces. This loyalty question is what needs to be faced, but when it is, attacks launched against the ones voicing thisvery question begin and they are labeled as anti-Semites, a very well-designed plan of silencing that the Zionists have set in place worldwide. This plan has worked for many years, but the tide is turning, and no one can predict what will happen if the Jewish communities do not change with it.

- The unbelievable grip that the Zionists have on all aspects of our lives, everywhere. Just take the United States of America for example: The percentage of the Jewish population is less than 3.5% of the American population, but Jews are in complete control of the Media, the Financial System, the Political system and the Judicial system in the US. It is not a claim others make, it is a fact that the Jews admit is real and is a point of pride for them. This is even more true in the poor countries where the control of the world bank and world media on the daily lives of the people there is much worse and the populations have even less access to positions of power and influence. How this can happen? Are the Jewish people smarter than the rest of the population or is there something else that put them in control of all aspects of life? And for what purpose?

- For the Arab world to be conquered and its richness controlled, the West had to carve it into mini states. They installed kings, Emirs and Presidents whose main tasks in life (if they are to stay in power) are to guard the oil and other wealth for the West and especially the United States and to also hit with a strong hand any popular resistance that will challenge their mission and /or to sabotage any liberation movement that will attract attention to the occupation of Palestine, the wasting of the Arab fortunes or even demanding some basic civil rights. They were also asked that a good relationship and somewhat peaceful co-existence between them and the Zionist leaders of “Israel” be in place. Many times they are asked to broker deals, against their own people’s interest, with the Zionists so their lease on life is extended. Hosni Mubarak is but one example. His selling of the Egyptian Natural Gas to the Zionists at way below market prices, plus the coordination with “Israel” in maintaining the siege on the Gaza Strip are just the beginning of a very long list of how entrenched the US is, how subordinate the Arab leaders are to it and how demoralized the Arab masses are.

- Coming to the aid of this kind of program, the West, and especially Britain, in the early 1950s gave the Muslim Brotherhood a chance to rise and take hold, so it became the main local force against the Arab Nationalist Movement. That was a huge step that placed the struggle for liberation and freedom a bit further from reach. The Arab Nationalist Movement understood early on that to face this aggression from the West, the Arab World needs to get back together as it was before it was partitioned by Sykes-Picot. By its creating and helping to fund the Muslim Brotherhood Movement it introduced a new dimension that put Liberation and Freedom on the shelf, because the new emphasis became something else altogether. This divide and conquer rule was one of the main tools that the West used in making sure that its hold on the region continues. The introduction later on, by the West, and especially the US, of the new fascist Muslim movement, led by Osama Bin Laden and company put the aspiration of the Arab masses even further away, because now they have to fend for themselves from the new weird ideas of these groups, that required a complete cancellation of half of the society, the women, and a complete submission of the other half to the new fascists, for which liberation and freedom is not even their book. This created some sort of a completion between them and less radical Muslim groups, which further took away any talk and action of and for liberation and freedom.
When the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) was founded, the main purpose was to liberate Palestine and bring it back to its natural Arab Atmosphere. The Basis it used, the Nationalist Charter, which was later modified and called the PLO National Charter, is what got Palestinians from all over the world to adopt and declare the PLO to be their main representative. It is the PLO commitment to liberate Palestine and establish a democratic Arab society that rallied Arabs and Palestinians around it. Many stopped supporting the PLO when it started on its sloppy road of recognizing “Israeli” rights to exist on our Arab Land. Actually, there were many warnings early on (1967) that said it very plainly, that the leadership of the PLO will eventually become just like any other Arab leadership were it will depend for it’s very own existence on the enemies of our people. We all remember Yasser Arafat, gutting out the Charter because it was a demand from the US and “Israel” that he needed to fulfill, for them to talk to him and support him in becoming the newest Arab President. Many believe that Arafat, who was willing to go a long way in recognizing “Israel’s” existence on Palestinian Land, noticed late in the game, that the struggle with the Zionists is not about borders, but it’s rather about the very existence of the Arab Palestinians on their homeland, which “Israel” wants to end in any way. They humiliated and killed Arafat, and installed in his position Mahmood Abbas, who’s willing to do whatever the US and the Zionists want, no questions asked. It’s clear now that the PLO leadership does not represent the aspirations of the Palestinian People, and it enlists the help of our enemies to stay in power.

- With this bleak picture in favor of the Zionists and their supporters, one can see that “Israel” continues to live on very shaky grounds. The grabbing of most of the West Bank to build settlements, separation walls and more than 650 checkpoints coupled with having a Palestinian leadership that is fulfilling its demands will not help it survive. These are some of the reasons:

- “Israel” is a foreign cancerous body in the Arab World. Its collection of invaders gathered from all over the globe will never be able to survive in the region because they are foreign, arrogant, from so many different cultures with the majority of them being racists. This new law (loyalty to the Jewish state) that they are trying to implement is a clear sign of their racism. The treatment of Black and Middle Eastern Jews is also clear to all but to them.

- The Palestinians will never forget what happened to them. They can be defeated, humiliated and scattered all over the world, but they will never forget, and their kids will also never forget. It’s the Arab culture that no invader or passing of time can change.

- The Arabs are more than 350 million, and all of them, regardless of the oppression their leaders put them under, believe that Palestine is the heart of the Arab World. The Zionists can change what Palestine looks like, but Palestine will remain the heart of the Arab World, that will sooner than later get rid of its corrupt leaders, unite and liberate Palestine.

- Palestine, like of the rest of countries occupied, will be liberated. To think other than that is not reasonable as well as being racist. Many understand the nature of the struggle with the invaders and just like in previous attempts, new ones will appear and will defeat the Zionists. With all that’s happening in the Arab World, Palestine and in the world, one can be sure that liberation will become sooner than later. The only sad thing if the Zionist continue to behave the way they do, is that they will not find a place to go to and call home. Not even where they came from would want to have racist war criminal live within its borders.

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