Sunday, October 3, 2010

Reham Alhelsi – This is Our Land and This is Our Blood

original from My Palestine, October 1, 2010
They came from everywhere; from Yafa, from Haifa, from Acca, from Nazareth, from Um-Il-Fahim. They came from everywhere to tell the martyrs: We will never forget, we will continue the struggle. They came in thousands to tell the Zionist entity: We will never forget, we are here to stay. They marched in thousands to the graves of the martyrs. They marched in thousands to tell their children: This is our land and this is our blood. On this day, October 1st, ten years ago, Palestinian struggle for freedom was united, yet again, across occupied Palestine. On this day, October 1st, ten years ago, Palestinian blood across occupied Palestine met and mingled, yet again, with the land that is one undivided. On this day, October 1st, ten years ago, Palestinian steadfastness across occupied Palestinian reminded the Zionist entity, yet again, that there is one Palestinian people and there is one Palestine from the River to the Sea. On the 1st of October 2000, and as Palestinians across occupied West Bank, occupied Jerusalem and occupied Gaza stood up as one to the Israeli killing machine, stood up as one to fight for their rights and for their freedom, their brothers and sisters in the rest of occupied Palestine stood up with them in the face of Zionist terrorism.

In 2000, and after 7 years of futile negotiations with the Zionist entity, the Palestinians had had enough: Palestinians were being murdered by the Zionists on a daily basis, occupied Palestine was being ethnically cleansed of its people to make place for Zionist colonists from the US and the EU, occupied Jerusalem was being Judaized to delete any trace of the indigenous people who lived and owned the land, Zionist settlements on usurped Palestinian land were expanding and killing the land, Palestinian fields were destroyed to make "Jewish-only" roads for the Zionists who had no right to the land. In 2000, the situation in occupied Palestine - not much different from what is happening today - was on the verge of an explosion, Palestinian anger was boiling and Palestinian patience had reached its limit. And when Palestinians reach the point when enough is enough, they revolt. It was the time for a 2nd Intifada: Al-Aqsa Intifada. It is true that the visit of the war criminal Sharon to the Noble Sanctuary and his desecration of this holy place and the massacre that followed were the spark that started the Intifada, but it was the rage, the humiliation, the oppression that led to that spark and turned it into a fire that will not be extinguished. With every passing day of the Intifada, Israel brutally murdered more and more Palestinians whose only crime was the thirst for freedom. And as the terror entity intensified its brutality against an unarmed people in Palestinian areas occupied in 1967, their brothers and sisters in the Palestinian areas occupied in 1948 called for marches and demonstrations in their towns and villages in support of their flesh and blood and to protest the Israeli crimes. And so it was: on that October day in 2000, very similar to what happened during the 1st Intifada, Palestinians across all of occupied Palestine, from the River to the Sea, in Jerusalem, in Yafa, in Haifa, in Bethlehem, in Gaza, in Nazareth, in Jenin, in Acca, in Hebron and elsewhere went out to the street. They went out to the streets in the towns, in the villages and in the refugee camps across Palestine standing as one, marching as one, chanting as one: with our souls, with our blood, we will sacrifice ourselves for you, oh Palestine. And as demonstrations spread across occupied Palestine like fire, the Zionist entity sent thousands over thousands of its fully-armed soldiers and border police to confront an unarmed people eager for freedom, eager for a life without occupation. The Zionist entity sent its killing machine to murder unarmed Palestinians who went out to the street to tell the world: enough is enough.

During the first 10 days of this "October Uprising" tens of Palestinians were murdered across Palestine by the Israeli occupation army, the occupation border police and Zionist colonists. They were murdered in front of their homes, in their streets, in their towns, villages and refugee camps. They were murdered because they are Palestinians who refused to be subdued and treated like animals in their own land, because they rejected oppression and tyranny, because they said "No" to the occupation. And as Palestinians in Jerusalem, Ramallah, Bethlehem, Hebron and Jenin and elswehere went out to the streets to confront the Zionist occupier, Um Il-Fahim, Nazareth, Acca, Haifa, Sakhnin, Kufr Kanna and elsewhere joined the struggle. During this "October Uprising", Um IL-Fahim, Nazareth, Jit, Sakhnin, Arrabah, Kufr Manda and Kufr Kanna hugged Il-Bireh, Nablus, Talfit, Rafah, Ramallah, Gaza, Al-Am'ari, Balatah, Tal, Jenin, Khan Younis, Al-Bureij, 'Aqbat Jabir, Deir Al-Balah, Tulkarim, Halhul, Al-Maghazi, Nuseirat, Faqqu'a, Jenin, Jabalia, 'Askar, As-Sawahreh, 'Aboud, Hebron, Deir Al-Ghosoun, Beitunia, Bethlehem, Beit Hanina, Salim, Deir Al-Hatab, Bidia, Al-Mazra'a Ash-Sharqiyyah. During this "October Uprising" no less than 70 Palestinians from all over occupied Palestine were massacred by the Zionist entity, their blood uniting Palestine, their blood drawing the map of Palestine as it was and as it should always be: from the River to the Sea. During the "October Uprising" 13 Palestinian from Palestinian lands occupied in 1948 hugged 57 Palestinians from Palestinians lands occupied in 1967, telling the Zionist entity that Zionist terror will only bring Palestinians closer. 70 Palestinians martyrs became one as Palestine was and forever will be.

In 2000, the butcher Sharon desecrated the Noble Sanctuary, his aim to send a message to the Palestinians that the Zionists own the land. But the Palestinian reply came quick: It is the Palestinians who are the legitimate owners of the land, and they won't keep silent while Jerusalem is being usurped. During the "October Uprising", the Palestinians came out to the streets as one to defend Al-Aqsa, to defend Jerusalem, to defend Palestine. They came out as one to tell the Zionist entity: We are one people and we are here to stay. They came out as one to tell the whole world: Palestine was and forever will be from the River to the Sea. And when Jerusalem called in 2000, it was the Palestinians who answered and who rushed to defend the heart of Palestine. And let it be a reminder to all those who claim to represent us and who are selling our rights that when Jerusalem calls, all of Palestine will answer. And to those who keep cursing the Intifada, to those who keep claiming it destroyed the Palestinian people, I say: the Intifada cost us dearly. There was much pain, much suffering and much loss. But life under occupation and oppression is no life and freedom is dear and a people that seek freedom must pay the price. And to those who keep cursing the Intifada, to those who keep claiming it destroyed "previous achievements", I say: the only "achievements" you were able to present to your people after so many years of futile "negotiations" with the occupier were more massacres, more land theft, more ethnic cleansing. As with the 1st intifada, the 2nd intifada did not come out of nothing, it came as a reply to the "achievements" of the "negotiations", i.e. the continuation of the Zionist occupation and oppression. To all those who complain of the "Intifadas" and want to continue the charade of "negotiations", ie selling out our blood and our rights, I say: When we revolt, it is because we think of Palestine, it is because we think of the future generations of Palestinians who deserve a better life, who deserve to live in freedom and deserve a just peace.

Today, on the 1st of October, ten year s after the "October Uprising", the Zionist entity wants to complete its ethnic cleansing of Palestine. Zionist leaders who realize the strength of the bond between Palestinians across Palestine want to break that bond. Zionist leaders know that their terror will never succeed in deleting the Palestinian identity of those whom they call "the Arabs of Israel" because these aren't the "Arabs of Israel"; they are the Palestinians of Palestine. Zionist leaders know that no matter how powerful their army is, no matter how powerful their media is, they can never delete the collective memory of the indigenous people of Palestine. Zionist leaders know that as long as there is one Palestinian living in Palestine from the River to the Sea, Palestine will forever be alive, and so they call for the transfer of what is left of the indigenous Palestinians to neighboring countries. The recent call of the Zionist leaders to transfer Palestinians of the areas occupied in 1948 is only one step towards a complete ethnical cleansing of all Palestine. But the Zionist leaders and the whole world should keep in mind that Palestinian blood runs through our veins, blood of this land. They should keep in mind that 62 years of Zionist terror couldn't delete the memory and the identity of a whole people. They should keep in mind the words of the martyrs of the "October Uprising": this is my land and this is my blood.

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